Controlling & Monitoring 

The controlling programme “REMIS” (Real Estate Management Information System) developed by eccos mastermind Nadia Wölle guarantees security and transparency for complex real estate projects.

Ongoing target/actual comparisons make it possible for the property developer to efficiently implement and realise projects for maximum profit.


With the REMIS Report, complex facts are shown clearly in the form of graphics and tables, so that absolute transparency is guaranteed in each phase of the project.


In this way, a continual monitoring of returns on the invested capital is possible. A database supplies all information and developments in daily analyses as well as over the entire project length.


  • Analyses possible in each phase of the project

  • Key figures and values

  • Expenditure and availability per cost position

  • Target/actual deviations from current vs. planned budget including documentation

  • Upkeep of risk and forecast position

  • Current utilisation level including quantity and value variance analyses

  • Documentation on lease and purchase contracts

  • Cash flow of lease and purchase price rates with derived amounts receivable

  • Profitability of project

  • Break-even analysis

  • Minimum sales price

  • Account balance

  • Amount available

  • Funding needs

  • Over- and underfinancing

  • Depending on the degree of leverage, the recoverability is shown in each phase of the project

  • and more